Rules & Tags of the Eternal OwlForest Charts Marathon

January 22, 2021

Why do we love embroidery charts? Charts are generally cheaper than embroidery kits, one can use the available supplies and experiment with materials. There is a huge scope for creativity, sometimes the results are very interesting and there are some successful solutions that the designer did not even think about.

We want to admire the diversity of your works on our charts. And we invite you to participate in the OwlForest Charts Marathon. If you have ever worked on our charts, recently or long ago, or just going to, you can join us. Simply put a specific tag under your work. Even if the publication was made long ago, put a tag and we will see your work in our gallery. We will regularly monitor the tags and publish your finished works in our stories.

At the beginning of every new year, we will hold prize drawings among those who show us the finished work on the charts with the tags

For everyone who has already finished owl designs according to schemes (not kits), who is embroidering them now or just about to start:

  • We are starting to collect all the finished works into the gallery.
  • Each chart design will be assigned its own tag for Instagram.
  • All works (even the oldest ones), for which this tag will be put down, will be included in the prize drawing.
  • And we can use the tag to see your different and beautiful interpretations of owl designs.

Information will be added to the table on the website every week so you can use it to find the tag you want. We plan to make this event everlasting with an annual debriefing. Please note that by tagging or posting photos in albums, you give permission to use your publication on our website and in our social networks. We will occasionally summarize and show your work from our stories.

«Swallows» #OF_swallows
«Bullfinches» #OF_bullfinches
«Hummingbirds» #OF_hummingbirds
«Kingfishers» #OF_kingfishers
«Pomegranate Quaker» #OF_pomegranate_quaker
«Fly Agarics» #OF_fly_agarics
«Silver Hoof. Frost Patterns» and «Silver Hoof. Christmas» #OF_silver_hoof
«Russian Motifs» #OF_russian_motifs
«Groningen Sampler» #OF_groningen_sampler
«Bluebirds of Happiness» #OF_bluebirds_of_happiness
«Chestnut» #OF_chestnut
«Owl Forest» #OF_owl_forest_chart
«Hedgehog Meadow» #OF_hedgehog_meadow
«The Turnip» #OF_the_turnip
«Visiting a Fairy Tale» #OF_visiting_a_fairy_tale
«Silly Owl» #OF_silly_owl
«Pride and Prejudice. Part one. Longbourn» #OF_PP_longbourn
«Pride and Prejudice. Part two. Netherfield.» #OF_PP_netherfield
«Pride and Prejudice. Part three. Pemberley.» #OF_PP_pemberley
«Handicraft Fair» #OF_handicraft_fair
«Russian Windows» #OF_russian_windows
«English Band Sampler» #OF_english_band_sampler
«Northern Land» #OF_northern_land
«Southern Land» #OF_southern_land
«New Year Sampler» #OF_new_year_sampler
«Snegurochka» #OF_snegurochka
«Spring Alphabet» #OF_spring_alphabet
«Berry Alphabet» #OF_berry_alphabet
«Tea Sampler» #OF_tea_sampler
«Coffee Sampler» #OF_coffee_sampler
«Around the Sun» #OF_around_the_sun
Ornaments «Merry Christmas!» and others #OF_ornaments
«Geese and Sunflowers» #OF_geese_and_sunflowers
«Tangerine Garland» #OF_tangerine_garland
«Easter Morning» #OF_easter_morning
«Autumn Flowers» #OF_autumn_flowers
«Autumn Still-life» #OF_autumn_still-life
«Ashberry Beads» #OF_ashberry_beads
«Apples of Youth» #OF_apples_of_youth
«Everflowering Garden» #OF_everflowering_garden
«Medicinal Herbs» #OF_medicinal_herbs
«Love for All Seasons» #OF_love_for_all_seasons
«Tsar Kashchey» #OF_tsar_kashchey
«The Sea King» #OF_the_sea_king
«The Snow Queen» #OF_the_snow_queen
«The Queen of Hearts» #OF_the_queen_of_hearts
Free Charts #OwlForest_free_patterns

We are waiting for your wonderful works!