November 2021 — Owlforest Embroidery

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Elena Shirshova November 25, 2021

We are summing up the results of our large-scale "Something Owlish" SAL. Hundreds of owlish designs, in different senses of the word, have been cross-stitched by our participants. Everyone has already won, since the finished works will settle in our homes and will delight our eyes.

Below is the lists of the finalists who managed to complete their work/works within the SAL. Since we are summing up the results a bit later than we intended, we included in the lists those who posted the finished works till November 17. Please check the lists, look for yourself, if you are not on the lists, but you have finished your work and posted it before November 17, please write to us to . Check the spelling of the tag #Something_Owlish_Finished in your Instagram posts. Among all the finalists, our competent and impartial owl jury will choose the winners.

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