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Elena Shirshova December 20, 2019

Congratulations to All on the Upcoming Christmas Holidays!

Information on the operation of our online store:

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Elena Shirshova December 1, 2019

We summarize our event. Below is a list of finalists who managed to finish the work within the terms of our SAL. Since we are summing up the results a bit later than we intended, we included in the list those who posted the finished work a little later than November 17. Check the list, look for yourself if you are not on the list, but you have finished your work, please write to us. Check the spelling of the  #emerald_city_owlforest_finish tag and whether your Instagram profile is open. Among all the finalists we will have a giveaway.

1st prize is a set of linen fabric cuts from the Silk Thread store

2nd prize is a set of cotton fabric cuts from Silk Thread store

Next we will giveaway three OwlForest embroidery kits (up to the choice of the winner, except for the Villains on the Thrones series)

10 certificates from OwlForest with 1000 Russian rubles (about 15$) each for a purchase in owlforest.ru online store

The prize draw will be held on Wednesday, December 4 at 11 a.m. Moscow time.

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Elena Shirshova September 10, 2019

Dear SAL participants! Summarizing the second stage was even more difficult than the first. Since our main prize is “not allowed to travel abroad,” we will hold two raffles, the first for those who live in the territory of the Russian Federation, and the second for those who live abroad.

For all participants who managed to embroider 5-7 pieces before August 25 (September 8), we give a 10% discount on the purchase of goods in our owlforest.ru online store and among all participants we will play special prizes: 7 certificates for a discount of 750 rubles. To get a personal discount code, you will need to write to the direct on instagram @gellara17 or @owlforest.embroidery.eng

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Elena Shirshova July 7, 2019

Dear embroiderers! Summing up the first stage took us a little longer than we expected. So many participants, so many wonderful works! It was very interesting to look at your works. One chart, one plot, but thanks to your imagination each work has its own peculiarities.

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Elena Shirshova June 18, 2019

We are pleased to inform you that we have completed work on the instructions for our embroidery kits. All new kits will include instruction in two languages: Russian and English. New batches of old kits will also be modified and will be bilingual.

If you bought a non-localized embroidery kit from OwlForest Embroidery, you can download general recommendations by clicking on the link: OwlForest-HowTo

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Elena Shirshova April 29, 2019

Dear friends, in Russia at the beginning of May we celebrate several holidays at once. Historically, the holidays are quite long.

The online store owlforest.ru will work on the same schedule as the whole country.

04/30/2019 is a business day, last dispatch of orders before the holidays

May, 1-5, the shop is open for receiving orders only

May, 6-8, we confirm the orders made during the holidays, on May 7 we will send orders,

May, 9-12 - the second part of the holidays, the store is only open to accept orders,

From May 13, we return to the normal mode of operation, sending orders will be on Tuesday, May 14, and then every Friday and Tuesday.

Elena Shirshova March 21, 2019