April 2024 — Owlforest Embroidery

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Елена Лисина April 27, 2024

Brief information about how we work, or rather, how we relax during the May Holidays 2024.

On April 28, all the owls go on vacation and will rest until May 5 inclusive. The OwlForest website will accept orders. We do not answer messages, letters and calls, we do not process orders. The festive program for owls includes: relaxation and games in the fresh air, gardening works, travelling, tasting meat dishes and Easter cakes, and cross-stitch rush.

On May 6, happy and refreshed owls will fly to the office for 3 days to coordinate, process and send orders, to delight you with a new product, and exchange Easter cakes and dyed eggs.

From May 9 to May 12, everyone goes on vacation again. The store will begin operating as usual on May 13th.