Digital embroidery chart “English Band Sampler”

Digital embroidery chart “English Band Sampler”

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English samplers of the 16-17 centuries are combined into a separate group - English band samplers. They were worked on narrow strips of fabric, about 20 centimeters wide. Since the fabric was rather expensive, embroiderers used each piece to be filled with patterns. Printed patterns for embroidery were not yet common, books were very rare, the easiest way to copy the pattern was to embroider it. The width of the fabric was enough to accommodate at least one repeat of any pattern. Such collections of patterns could be collected for many years, when one piece of fabric was ending, another one of the same width was sewn to it. The length of such samplers could reach several meters. Needlewomen used to pass them from mother to daughter. Only in the 18th century did the samplers become not only the collections of patterns, but rather compositions that demonstrate the embroidery skills of a needlewoman. The 17th century samplers were very complex, performed in various embroidery techniques, the colors were chosen bright and juicy. Often color embroidery was complemented with white embroidery — whitework. Such white patterns were subsequently performed on linen and shirts. Most often it was the counted satin stitches and eyelets. In our sampler we used the simplest of such patterns. Traditionally whitework is made in the same color as the fabric color (in our sampler it is the color of antique ivory). But you can make such stitches with threads of a contrasting color. It is best to embroider patterns of whitework with Perle threads. It is also possible to use 2 strands of embroidery cotton floss, but it will be more difficult to achieve a neat result. You can embroider the bands of the sampler in any order, alternate them, change their places, experiment with the fabric and threads. Thus you can get your individual unique composition.

Designer Galina Egorenkova
Number of the floss colours 10
Number of cross-stitches 18102
Size (cross-stitches) 129 × 429
Size on the recommended fabric 20.5 × 68 cm
Embroidery technique Cross-stitch, Back Stitch, Running Stitch, Straight Stitch, Counted Thread Embroidery
Recommended fabric Zweigart Belfast Antique Ivory 3609/233
Key Owlforest, DMC
Size of the chart sheet A4
Type of the chart Colored Chart, Black-and-white Chart
Number of the chart sheets 32
Instructions language Russian, English
Type of the file PDF

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