Set of OwlForest Threads for the “English Band Sampler” Chart

Set of OwlForest Threads for the “English Band Sampler” Chart

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We have removed the spool of Perle thread from the thread kit. It can now be ordered separately.

Hand-dyed mercerized embroidery floss from 100% long staple cotton.

Care instructions:

Gently wash your work in warm water with a special liquid detergent for colored cotton fabrics. Rinse well after washing with plenty of clean water. Squeeze the embroidered product without twisting with a towel. We reccomend to iron the product on a soft surface, on the reverse side, placing the embroidery between two pieces of clean fabric. The piece of embroidery can be slightly moistened before ironing with a sprayer. It is not recommended to steam and dry the wet product with an iron. Protect the thread from the direct sunlight.

Length of the floss 8 m
Number of the floss colours 10
Based on Spinning and Threading Plant n.a. Kirov (Russia)

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