Digital embroidery chart “Cross Stitch Jointless Patterns”

Digital embroidery chart “Cross Stitch Jointless Patterns”

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“Cross Stitch Jointless Patterns” is a collection of patterns, that can be cross stitched endlessly. Each chart can be finished as an independent composition. But the main purpose of these patterns is to fill any size surface. The basic element of the pattern — rapport — is not repeated one after another horizontally or vertically, but overlapping many times, fills an area of any size and shape and looks like a single picture.

Using these patterns, you can cross stitch something small, such as a pocket or a glasses case, you can make a diary cover or a cushion. You can fill a circle, a square, an oval, a dress sleeve, a tablecloth border with any pattern. All you need is to mark the outline of the product on the fabric and start cross stitching. The patterns are composed in such a way that the joints between the fragments are not noticeable. Therefore, simply joining one square of 90 * 90 crosses with the same one will not work. Unlike the ornamental row, in which the elements are built along one axis, there are several axes of symmetry here. This creates a complex composition grid structure. But if you look closely, in each pattern you will find repeating elements that you can focus on and repeat the pattern as many times as you need.

The fragments of patterns are sized 90*90 crosses, you can see them on the pictures. We have cross stitched the elements on 32 count, in this case the size of the fabric is 14.5 * 14.5 cm without borders. If you decide to take a fabric of another count, use the fabric calculator. There is a key with OwlForest hand-dyed threads and DMC floss for each pattern, please pay attention to the following points:

OwlForest hand-dyed variegated threads are marked with a four-digit number, the last three digits of which are the OwlForest color number. The first digit of the number indicates the manufacturer of the threads: the digit ‘‘2’’ is for Thread Trade n.a. Kirov floss (Russia), the number ‘‘3’’ is for DMC. For example, the 3515 is a DMC-based floss 515 ‘‘Coralline’’ color.

We give the calculated number of meters with a minimum excess (approximately 10%).

The number of recommended skeins may not correspond to your style of embroidery, please pay attention to the column indicating the calculated number of meters.

Designer Galina Egorenkova
Embroidery technique Cross-stitch
Key Owlforest, DMC, Gamma, Trade n.a. Kirov
Size of the chart sheet A4
Type of the chart Colored Chart, Black-and-white Chart
Instructions language Russian, English
Type of the file PDF, Cross Stich Saga

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