“Foxes” Linen Shopping Bag

“Foxes” Linen Shopping Bag

The shopping bag is ideal for outdoor activities. It can replace a gym bag for carrying some workout clothes, can be a stylish alternative to a beach bag or even to a picnic basket! The bag can be washed, the print will remain like new.

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The bag fabric is durable, it keeps its shape well. The shopping bag is proper for everyday use. It is allowed to wash, iron, and steam the bag. There is no zipper, no lining, no pockets, no bulky bottom. The processing of the inner seams is of a premium class: all the seams are closed with fabric.

Brand ArtGalla
Материал лён 100%
Способ нанесения изображения фабричная прямая печать
Сторона печати изображение с одной стороны
Размер 39 × 42 cm
Длина ручек 35 cm
Тип ручки Ткань

Tags: Рыжие хвосты