Embroidery kit “Relax Mood”

Embroidery kit “Relax Mood”

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Usually our Kikimora (swamp spirit) is busy all day long. Here it is necessary to set up a frog choir and organize beavers to build a dam; here the trees are not crooked and terrifying enough; here the path has dried up. And the herons have just reported that random travelers are not scared at all, the birds sing too cheerfully, and the mosquitoes have gone completely out of control! Anyone would get tired! Just try to run all day across the swamp to and fro!

Our Kikimora chooses spa treatments for relaxing. What could be more pleasant than soaking in a bath, applying a mask of healing mud and smearing yourself with fragrant creams? Well, the swamp little creatures, frogs and lizards, like faithful pages, are right there. They will serve the soap, and hold a shower water lily flower.

The kit contents:
  • Übelhör Leinen, 30 ct, 100% linen
  • Hand-dyed threads based on DMC cotton floss
  • Needle for embroidery №26 Prym
  • Coloured symbol printed chart
  • Additional printed chart divided into fragments
  • Needle minder
Designer Svetlana Kaskova
Number of the floss colours 13
Number of cross-stitches 10318
Size (cross-stitches) 185 × 120
Size (centimeters) 31.5 × 20.5 cm
Embroidery technique Cross-stitch, Straight Stitch
Size of the chart sheet A3
Type of the chart Colored Chart
Instructions language Russian, English

Tags: Светлана Каськова Выходной Кикиморы