“Bookcase” Linen Zipper Pouch

“Bookcase” Linen Zipper Pouch

Flat linen pouch with zipper and textile lining. An excellent addition to an ordinary women's handbag for keeping the important little things that often get lost.

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A compact zipper pouch is a universal item. It can be used for a variety of purposes:

• as a travel cosmetic pack;
• as an organizer for handicraft accessories;
• as a small first aid kit, which is always with you.

The upper material is natural linen.
The lining is calico.
The layout of the upper fabric may vary. There are 6 types with different fragments of the "Bookcase" illustration.

The fabric is wear-resistant and practical for everyday use. It is not afraid of washing, ironing and steaming. The structure of natural flax is heterogeneous, the thickness of the threads is uneven. Due to the fabric characteristics and the method of printing, individual fibers, inclusions and seals can be erased from the bag’s canvas along with the printed picture over time. These inclusions are minor, they are not considered defects and will not affect the overall appearance of the product.

Brand ArtGalla
Материал лён 100%
Способ нанесения изображения фабричная прямая печать
Сторона печати изображение с двух сторон
Размер 20 × 12 × 1 cm