Free embroidery digital chart “The Cats Have Arrived”

Free embroidery digital chart “The Cats Have Arrived”

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Everything around is covered with snow, but the spring is already blowing in the air. The sun warms up more and more, the days are getting longer, and the smiles on the faces of passers-by are happier. Who do you think is the first to feel the approach of spring? Cats! They sit on the branches of trees and greet spring loudly. Well, and hares, of course! In Russian language plashes of sunlight are called "солнечные зайчики" "that is "little sun hares", they cheerfully jump from the wall to the ceiling, blind their eyes and cheer up.

Our work is finished with OwlForest hand-dyed threads DMC based.

Designer Galina Egorenkova
Number of the floss colours 11
Number of cross-stitches 10970
Size (cross-stitches) 167 × 212
Size on the recommended fabric 28.5 × 36 cm
Embroidery technique Cross-stitch
Recommended fabric Ubelhor, Leinen 30 ct 7100 Натуральный лён/Flax
Key Owlforest, DMC, Gamma, Trade n.a. Kirov
Size of the chart sheet A4
File to download /wa-data/public/site/free/0156-%D0%9A%D0%9F-%D0%91.The%20Cats%20Have%20Arrived.pdf
Type of the chart Colored Chart, Black-and-white Chart
Instructions language Russian, English
Type of the file PDF, Cross Stich Saga

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