Mouline thread “OwlForest 2114 — Nude md”

Mouline thread “OwlForest 2114 — Nude md”

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Hand-dyed mercerized embroidery floss from 100% long staple cotton.

We do not dye this color. All that we have done with this floss was that we wound the factory thread Thread Trade n.a. Kirov floss 1602 color into our skein so that we could put together a complete palette for our charts. The same color can be taken from your stash or purchased as a factory skein anywhere.

Care instructions:

Gently wash your work in warm water with a special liquid detergent for colored cotton fabrics is allowed. Rinse well after washing with plenty of clean water. Squeeze the embroidered product without twisting with a towel. We recommend to iron the product on a soft surface, on the reverse side, placing the embroidery between two pieces of clean fabric. The piece of embroidery can be slightly moistened before ironing with a sprayer. It is not recommended to steam and dry the wet product with an iron. Protect the thread from the direct sunlight.

Based on Spinning and Threading Plant n.a. Kirov (Russia)
Length of the floss 8 m
Instructions language Russian, English