Printed embroidery chart “Christmas Team”

Printed embroidery chart “Christmas Team”

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This pattern can also be purchased as a kit or as a digital chart.

The printed chart contains a pasted QR code for downloading a SAGA format file for the Cross Stitch Saga Application.

Please note: The work on the photo was made with OwlForest hand-dyed threads based on DMC floss. If you use threads of a different palette/manufacture, the result will differ from the preview.

Designer Svetlana Kaskova
Number of the floss colours 13
Number of cross-stitches 16868
Size (cross-stitches) 55 × 99
Size on the recommended fabric 9.5 × 19 cm
Embroidery technique Cross-stitch
Recommended fabric Übelhör Leinen, 30 ct, цвет натуральный лён / Flax (7100)
Key Owlforest, DMC, Gamma, Trade n.a. Kirov
Size of the chart sheet A3
Type of the chart Colored Chart
Number of the chart sheets 3
Instructions language Russian, English

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