Thread Organizer “Daunting Hut”

Thread Organizer “Daunting Hut”

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A Daunting Hut from the forests of Russian fairy tales!

It is in such a hut that a gloomy and unkind forest sorceress or Baba Yaga lives. A stern owl sits under the roof of this hut, he illuminates with his yellow eyes every rare traveler who has come to his own harm to the threshold of this hut. The logs from which the hut is built are age-old, thick, solid! The darkest deeds are happening in this hut!

There are a lot of interesting engraving details in the organizer, and it is only 9x10 cm in size! Designed for 6 floss colors, hole size for floss 8 mm. Plywood, thickness 4 mm.

Brand Primitive & Wood

Tags: Баба Яга Фольклор