Embroidery kit “Tsar Kashchey”

Embroidery kit “Tsar Kashchey”

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The kits from the series “Villains on the Thrones” differ from our other kits not only in composition and performance techniques, but also in the package bundle: they have metallic threads and sewing elements. We recommend these designs to experienced embroiderers. In each kit you will find an embroidery accessory that will delight you in the process.

Tsar Kashchey is our favorite. It was this design that the series of "Villains on the Thrones" began with. In the gloomy-gloomy castle, our Tsar Kashchey languishes over gold. A huge bat hangs over a throne adorned with precious stones, crows descended to the throne and guard the peace of their master. A crooked sword tells everyone that it is better not to deal with its owner.

Tsar Kashchey is a character of the Russian folk tales. He is an evil sorcerer whose death is hidden in several magical animals and objects nested in one another: “There is an island on the ocean, an oak tree stands on that island, a chest is buried under an oak tree, a hare is in a chest, a duck is in a hare, an egg is in a duck , in the egg - a needle - the death of Tsar Kashchey "

The kit contents:
  • Hand dyed Zweigart Cachel, 28 ct, 100% linen
  • Hand-dyed cotton DMC floss
  • Metallic DMC threads
  • Needle for embroidery №24
  • Bead needle №10
  • Coloured symbol printed chart
  • Layout of the sewn items
  • Additional printed chart divided into fragments
  • Needle minder
  • Needlecase “Egg”
  • Set of the sewn items
  • Thread for the sewn items

Designer Galina Egorenkova
Number of the floss colours 11
Number of cross-stitches 5833
Stiches lenfth 1570 cm
Size (cross-stitches) 99 × 194
Size (centimeters) 18 × 35 cm
Embroidery technique Cross-stitch, Other Stitches
Size of the chart sheet A3
Type of the chart Colored Chart
Number of the chart sheets 5
Instructions language Russian, English

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