Embroidery kit “Forest of Wonders”

Embroidery kit “Forest of Wonders”

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We present to you a little unusual for us embroidery kit — the "Forest of Wonders". Galina originally conceived and composed it in the form of a pillow. The design fits into the square, the size of the finished embroidery is 38 cm, the fabric is Austrian Etamin with quite large 25 count, so you need to embroider with 3 strands. This is such a pleasure, the fabric is light, everything is visible, the crosses are chubby. We recommend this kit for those who begin to work with the evenweave fabric. Galina was inspired by Russian pictures and proverbs, pay attention to the capital letters in the pattern. Such patterned complex and beautiful letters were called "initial letters" and began a chapter, section or an entire book in old books.
There is an option with Murano 32 ct fabric which is smaller and could be framed as a picture.

The sayings have no direct analogs in English, their approximate translation: 

Лесные дары для каждой поры. There are forest gifts for every season. 

Какой лес без чудес. There's no forest without wonders. 

Хорошо в лесу — береги его красу. It's good in the forest — take care of its beauty. 

Кто лес любит и знает, тому он помогает. The forest helps whoever loves and knows the forest. 

The kit contents:
  • Übelhör Etamin, 25 ct, 100% cotton / Zweigart Murano, 32 ct, 52% Cotton, 48% Viscose (depends on the article)
  • Size (centimeters): 39 х 39 / 30,5 х 30,5
  • Hand-dyed threads based on DMC cotton floss
  • Needle for embroidery №26 Prym
  • Coloured symbol printed chart
  • Additional printed chart divided into fragments
  • Needle minder
Designer Galina Egorenkova
Number of the floss colours 7
Number of cross-stitches 12427
Stiches lenfth 44 cm
Size (cross-stitches) 193 × 193
Embroidery technique Cross-stitch, Back Stitch
Size of the chart sheet A3
Type of the chart Colored Chart
Number of the chart sheets 7
Instructions language Russian, English

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