“Flowers and Bunnies” Mug

“Flowers and Bunnies” Mug

The taste of tea and coffee depends on the variety, there is no doubt about it. But choosing a mug is a kind of a ritual. Drinking from beautiful vessels is much more pleasant and tasty. Ceramic mugs keep the temperature well. They are convenient if you pour hot tea and drink it slowly between this and then. Ceramic mugs fully reveal the taste and aroma of hot drinks.

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Ideal for daily use. Thick walls keep heat for a long time. The handle of the mug does not heat up, which will prevent you from burning your hand. The sublimation printing method allows you to transfer an image of photographic quality to tableware. It adheres well to the top layer of the mug. The picture is not afraid of gentle washing with detergent and minor mechanical impact.

Brand ArtGalla
Материал керамика
Способ нанесения изображения сублимация
Объём 330мл
Диаметр 8 cm
Высота 9.5 cm

Tags: весёлая грядка